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1764: empress Maria Theresa organizes here the “Militia de frontarie”, a frontier guard unit.
1799: the decision of the Austrian imperial powers to found on the land of the frontier guard community of Cugir an iron-processing factory the end of the XIXth century: – an old hall built ever since 1799, endowed with 2steel processing cokes, 2 forging hammers and 2 laminars; a new hall built around 1850, having a heating coke, 1 forging hammer and 1 laminar.

1880: two steam machines and a new foundry clients: Habsburgic Empire, Western Europe, Far East, across Ocean.

Tthe 1st of February 1907: the first mercandise transports for Cugir factory by railway.

1920: Austrian society STEG (Osterreichische Statts Eisenbahn Geseellschafts) begins negotiations with the Romanian Government at Bucharest finalized with the foundation of Resita Plants and Domains (UDR).

March, the 21st, 1925: Paris: the founding of a new society, Copsa Mica-Cugir Plants (CMC): a convention is signed between Romania, represented by its Industry and Commerce Minister, Vickers Armstrong Ltd society from London, represented by its president Douflas Vickers, and UDR society, represented by Adalbert Veidt, delegated administrator of the society

1928: The new Cugir Plants were practically finished and completely equipped, having a capital of 600 milions lei

1934: CMC started negociations with Czech company “Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka Bruno”: replacement of Vicker’s concern with the Czech one

1935: first massive order of arms from the Romanian Government – 5000 ZB machine gun and 90 millions cartridges 1737; the fabrication lines were reorganized the products of during was ZB cal.7,792 mm, license of Czech

1939: the actions of the Czech “Zbrojowaka Brno” society were took over by German concern “Hermann Goring”

1940 – 1941: the first Romanian firearm, cal 9 mm Parabellum Orita automatic pistol

1945: Soviet Russia forbade any military production in Romanian plants

After 1945: Cugir Plants production got diversified, being oriented both to arms and to civilian market products; during the ’50′s cal. 7,62mm semiautomatic rifle model 44SKS, cal. 9 mmPPS automatic pistol and cal. 7.62 mm TT pistol

1963: cal. 7,62 mm AKM automatic rifle, cal. 7,62 mm RPK light machine gun, cal. 7.62 mm PKMS and PKMT machine guns; strong research and developement sector realizes models of arms completley design and procured in Romania: ca.l 5.45 mm automatic rifle, cal. 5,45mm light machine gun, cal. 7.67 mm semiautomatic sniper rifle.

After 1989: Cugir Plants encountered a transition process, internal unrests regarding reorientation to the market economy, reorientation of the production to the civilian sector with the appropriate reconversion of tje labor face

2004: the foundation of the Cugir Arms Plant S.A. by partial divisation of S.C. Mechanical Plant Cugir S.A., as a branch of National Company ROMARM S.A.